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RCMP continue work as Fort McMurray prepares for re-entry

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Fort McMurray RCMP members continue to ensure public safety as work is undertaken by essential service agencies to prepare community for re-entry to begin June 1.

(Photo: RCMP)


May 26, 2016. Local Fort McMurray RCMP detachment members have been joined by 79 members from other Alberta RCMP detachments to assist in emergency operations being undertaken by essential service agencies who are preparing the community for re-entry next week. Traffic control and a few check-points at key locations in and around Fort McMurray are ensuring the essential service agencies are getting to where they need safely and quickly.  Some areas of the municipality remain unsafe as a result of wildfire damage. At the same time, the RCMP is continuing with 24-hour roving patrols throughout evacuated areas to protect the property of residents and businesses. As the process of recovering from this major event continues, the RCMP is also ensuring that the travelling public moving on Highway 63 through Fort McMurray and carrying on northward stay within the speed limits and carefully dealing with all traffic lights.