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AMMSA's web site top pick

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This is one case where being picked by a Yahoo! is a good thing.

Yahoo!Canada is a leading Internet resource which lists thousands of Internet sites on its database. Each week Yahoo! picks four to six sites to showcase to the thousands of people who utilize Yahoo!'s service to search for information on the Internet or World Wide Web.

The home page of the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta (AMMSA) has been selected by Yahoo!Canada as a pick of the week for May 2to9.

"Alberta seems to be taking the lead this week in producing some fine sites. Which isn't surprising, especially with such sites as The Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta currently coming out of Wild Rose country. With everything from job notices to scholarships to news of interest to Canada's First Nations, this site puts in a lot of effort, and it shows. By the way, if you're someone into getting a free T-shirt - and who isn't? - check out their contest," is Yahoo!s comments.

AMMSA's web site was lauched in August 1996 after a great deal of evaluation and research. There were many Aboriginal sites on the Internet already, but many of them just provided links or access to other sites, but offered very little information. AMMSA's site includes top news stories, commentaries, cartoons, photos and features from our four publications including Windspeaker, Alberta Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan Sage and our newest newspaper, Raven's Eye. In addition, community events, career lists and information , and a detailed list of scholarships available to Aboriginal students is included on the site. And yes, the site also contains a links page to get people to other top Aboriginal sites around the world.

"This is a real honor for Yahoo! to pick AMMSA's site," said Paul Macedo, AMMSA's Director of Marketing and leader of the AMMSA web site design team. "Our objective in launching our web site was to expose our Aborioginal news and information to a growing audience, particularly youth who now have access to the Internet through schools and, increasingly, through their homes. The exposure which Yahoo! will provide our site will mean more people will dial in and browse through AMMSA's extensive information. The AMMSA site has something for everyone including regular contests for T-shirts and other giveaways."

To check out AMMSA's web site dial in http://www.ammsa.com or go to Yahoo!Canada at http:www.yahoo.ca and type "ammsa" in your search.