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Xerox scholarships awarded to Aboriginal IT students


Cheryl Petten, Windspeaker Staff Writer, EDMONTON







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Eight Aboriginal students from across the country have been recognized by Xerox Canada, receiving scholarships through the company's Aboriginal Scholarship program. This year's winners were announced Sept. 12 at a press conference held at the provincial museum in Edmonton.

The scholarships, established in 1994, provide financial support for Aboriginal students enrolled in college or university programs related to information technology. Each scholarship winner receives $3,000 for each year of their studies, up to a maximum of four years for students in university, and three years for students enrolled in college. The winners are selected based on the degree to which their studies will lead to a career in information technology, their leadership or role model qualities as demonstrated through community involvement and extracurricular activities, and their prior academic achievements.

Elaine Brueckel of Truro, N.S., was the first ranked recipient of this year's scholarships, receiving the Alan Murray award, named in honor of the man responsible for founding the Aboriginal programs within Xerox. Bruekel is enrolled in the computer information systems networking program at the Nova Scotia Community College's Truro campus.

Also receiving scholarships were Michael Connors of Sudbury, Ont., who is pursuing a degree in computer science at Laurentian University; Darin Hopegood of Radway, Alta., who is enrolled at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), training to become an e-commerce specialist; Marc Lapointe of Bonnyville, Alta., who is enrolled in the chemical engineering program at the University of Alberta, specializing in computer process control; and Cole Nychka of Beaverlodge, Alta., who is in a five-year co-op program with the faculty of engineering at the University of Alberta.

Other recipients included Teresa Peters from Agassiz, B.C., who is enrolled in the computer information systems co-operative education diploma program at the University College of the Fraser Valley; Shannon Samatte from Cranberry Portage, Man., who is in the advanced networking program at the University of Manitoba; and Robert Swanson from Norway House, Man., who is attending the University of Manitoba, with plans to enter the faculty of computer science, honors program.