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New scholarship for students


Windspeaker Staff







The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Oil and Gas Trades and Technology Bursary and Scholarship program is being added to the growing list of available financial assistance to students.
Aboriginal students can apply for the bursary and scholarship awards while studying at accredited colleges, universities and institutes in Alberta. Registered Aboriginal apprentices in Alberta can also apply. Some of the eligible programs include a general education diploma, applied diploma or degree programs in the oil and gas trades and technology fields.
There are three types of awards available. There isn't any set amounts for bursaries, which are determined based on financial need. Scholarships awards are in the amount of $500. The higher incentive awards will be awarded depending on completion of different programs. NAAF's Oil and Gas Trades and Technology scholarship is supported by BP Canada, TransCanada, Suncor Energy Foundation, Petro Canada and Devon Energy Corp.
By providing financial support to Aboriginal people interested in pursuing studies in the Oil and Gas trades and technology sector in Alberta, NAAF hopes to increase the awareness of potential careers in this sector among Aboriginal high school students in particular and Aboriginal people in general.
Another goal of the OGTT is to add to the number and quality of Aboriginal candidates employed in the Oil and Gas trades and technology sector. First Nations, Inuit and Métis students can apply for the OGTT bursary and scholarships online at the NAAF Web site at www.naaf.ca. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2008.