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Kwixella – Chief Shaughnessy Potlatch


Windspeaker Staff







On March 31st, after two years of preparation by his extended family, Maxwxwadziy, Chief George Shaughnessy conducted a Kwixella to memorialize 5 family members and to name those born since his last potlatch in Alert Bay in 2006. The Kwixella, which is a type of potlatch a Chief can conduct if he has already initiated his main dancers in previous potlatches, was held at Wawadit'la (Mungo Martin Bighouse) in Victoria, BC. Chief Shaughnessy has potlached three times and has held several feasts and ceremonies in both Alert Bay and Victoria.

Chief Shaughnessy's cultural team consisted of his teacher of 24 years, Kwaxsistalla, Clan Chief Adam Dick as speaker, Ogwila'gamey, Chris Cook as second speaker and Myanilth, Daisy Sewid-Smith as potlatch recorder. As the ceremonies unfolded extended family members graciously attended to over 200 guests with feasts of barbecued sockeye, deer stew, halibut, clams and homemade bread. At the end of the Kwixella they distributed many  gifts they had made and collected for the witnesses.

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