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Eekwol (Lindsay Knight) — [windspeaker confidential]


Windspeaker staff







Windspeaker: What one quality do you most value in a friend?

Eekwol: Humility. I love people who are talented and gifted, but don’t go around bragging with a big ego. I have a couple of friends like that and I respect them for being humble. It’s very Indigenous of them!

W: What is it that really makes you mad?
E: The impact of colonization on our Indigenous communities and how difficult it is to wake up and smell the reality. We need more awareness of the history of this land in order to heal and create a healthy and positive environment for our people.

W: When are you at your happiest?
E: When I’m out with my two-year-old son and thirty-year-old husband, just chillin’ out, having Timmies and watching them play … my two kids … lol, just jokes.

W: What one word best describes you when you are at your worst?
E: Sad. Sometimes I can get pretty emo about stuff.

W: What one person do you most admire and why?
E: My mom because she came through so much struggle raising three kids while still getting an education and being a great role model for us by keeping on a straight path. She’s also very humble about it.

W: What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to do?
E: Become a new mom! Although it was, and is, the most rewarding thing, too.

W: What is your greatest accomplishment?
E: My son, Keesik! Also, being given so many opportunities to share my words and music. I’m truly blessed.

W: What one goal remains out of reach?
E: To be completely at peace with myself. I have inner demons that I’m fighting everyday, just trying to be a better woman. Maybe it’s a never ending struggle, but I do believe it is achievable.

W: If you couldn’t do what you’re doing today, what would you be doing?
E: I would probably be working somewhere that I can’t stand and wishing that I could make a living off of music! Either that or something to do with preserving Mother Earth.

W: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
E: That would be from my mom. She said that you can’t love anyone else until you learn to take care of and love yourself. So true.

W: Did you take it?
E: Yes, I can now look in the mirror and say, “Boy, you’re pretty awesome and deadly, girl! Aweeee-AH!”

W: How do you hope to be remembered?
E: As a lover of, and fighter for, truth.

Saskatchewan’s Eekwol says she’s been producing beats since 1998 and, obviously, loves her musical life of writing and hip rapping. For her, creation brings growth in all aspects of life, and the way she’s going, she’ll have a library of albums to her name before she’s done. She has a lot to say about colonialism, healing, and the preservation of Mother Earth, just to name a few of her favorite topics.

As a dedicated hip hop emcee, Eekwol astounds her listeners with honest, direct and revolutionary words that come from places both original and groundbreaking. With a lifelong background of Plains Cree Indigenous music, she gives her audiences a balanced and healthy taste of experimental hip hop that comes from her land and place, while always respecting the history and place of original hip hop.

With the birth of her son, Keesik, her music is rendered with an even more soulful and meaningful touch than ever.

In 2010, Eekwol released Niso, a solo EP dedicated to showcasing different producers and styles of sound while keeping true to her bold words and message. Eewol had an awesome summer performing in shows and festivals all over the west and beyond, performing her latest compositions. Her most recent accomplishment is a music video produced in collaboration with Mils, producer, rapper, brother, for the song The Gauntlet.