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Born With A Tooth arrested


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Lonefighters Society leader Milton Born With A Tooth was arrested in Calgary Wednesday on two weapons-related charges. He was attending a meeting of the Alberta Wilderness Association.

We has been charged with possession of a weapon and pointing a firearm at another person.

Born With A Tooth made his first court appearance Thursday at Lethbridge provincial court and was remanded in custody.

He was to appear in court Friday for scheduling of a bail hearing. The charges stem from a Sept. 7 standoff with RCMP when they moved in to enforce a court injuction forbidding the attempt by the Peigan Lonefighters Society to divert the Oldman River.

Born With A Tooth fired two warning shots forcing police to retreat.

Meanwhile, RCMP entered the Lonefighters camp late Wednesday to seize a piece of construction equipment used in the diversion work, The contractor maintained the Lonefighters weren't paying their bulls.

But Lonefighters spiritual advisor, Devalon Small Legs, said the group had yet to receive a bill. He suggested the contractor, who is also helping to build the controversial Oldman dam, was pressured by the provincial government to get the equipment back.

Also on Wednesday, lawyers for the Lonefighters and the province appeared at Calgary's Court of Queen Bench to present arguments on whether the Lonefighters had the right to divert the river.

The hearing was still underway at press time.