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Whitecap Dakota chooses manager to help with new development partnership

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Compiled by Shari Narine







A new partnership formed between Whitecap Development Corp. and PTW Energy Services Ltd. of Nisku, AB, will be managed by Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. The Whitecap Development Corp. is the business arm of Whitecap Dakota First Nation. This partnership will pursue electrical, instrumentation, construction and fabrication opportunities in the oil and gas and mining sectors within Saskatchewan. This is the second formal Aboriginal partnership for Tarpon. The Whitecap Development Corp. has been the economic engine that has fueled growth resulting in over $100 million in capital investment and creating 700 jobs in the community. The Whitecap Development Corp. recently founded Whitecap Industrial Services, a new division that is comprised of world-class service providers that will focus on the mining, resources, oil and gas, and utilities sectors in Saskatchewan.