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Three First Nations not signing contribution agreements

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Thunderchild First Nation has joined Little Pine and Peepeekisis First Nations in refusing to sign the annual funding agreement with the federal government. For Thunderchild, the agreement is worth $8 million and funds the majority of social programs on reserve. First Nations have little say in the type or amount of funding and much of that funding has been capped. The decision not to sign the agreement is to protest funding cuts by the federal government. “We want the Crown to be accountable. This has been a unilateral process, and we’re tired of it,” Peepeekisis Headman Allan Bird told the StarPhoenix. “There is a lot of fear about standing and fighting, but we have to.” All essential funding is continuing to these communities but there is no guarantee what will happen if the dispute continues. Talks are ongoing, said a spokesperson with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.