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On-reserve school becomes part of a Saskatchewan school division

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Whitecap Dakota First Nation and Saskatoon Public Schools have signed an education agreement that sees Whitecap Dakota Elementary School become an alliance school, making it the first on-reserve school to be a part of a Saskatchewan school division. The four-year agreement has federal funding for the education of Whitecap students flow to Saskatoon Public Schools. All Whitecap Dakota Elementary School teachers are now employed by Saskatoon Public Schools. The partnership agreement is in effect from Sept. 1, 2014 to Aug. 31, 2018, with provisions for renewal. Although Whitecap Dakota Elementary School will be operated by SPS, the First Nation maintains jurisdiction over on-reserve education. As WDFN continues towards self-governance, Whitecap Council and membership intend to assert its jurisdiction adopting a Whitecap Dakota Education Act. This law would continue to enable the WDFN-SPS partnership as the most appropriate and effective tool for the community to sustain  student achievement.