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Pasqua First Nation works with CN to identify respectful route

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Compiled by Shari Narine







A collaborative approach by the Pasqua First Nation and Canadian Pacific Railway has resulted in the preservation of sacred sites significant to First Nations people. An area identified for the railway to transport potash from K & S Potash mine near Bethune caused concern for the Pasqua First Nation as it cut through natural prairie, which was also a migration route for First Nation people from the Last Mountain Lake area. Members of the First Nation were hired as site inspectors and they went ahead of the railway construction to identify areas of cultural and spiritual significance. When sites were identified, the First Nation worked with CP on a new location for the rail line. Mike Lovecchio, director of government of affairs for CP, said Saskatchewan has what the world wants and through collaboration with the First Nation, CP Rail is able to provide that access in a way that respects the cultural heritage and cultural resources. “We’ve learned a tremendous amount on how to work with First Nations about the communication that is necessary and the end result is a very good result for everyone involved.”