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Online tip received about Tamra Keepness leads no where

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Compiled by Shari Narine







A hand-drawn map submitted anonymously and labelled “Location of Tamra Keepness, Check the Wells” was posted on the Reddit website. The investigation that ensued resulted in “nothing suspicious,” said Regina Police spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich. She said that investigators did not find the crudely drawn map, which appeared to show part of the Muscowpetung First Nation, to be authentic. The person who posted it says he or she does not have first-hand information about the case. Police believe Tamra, who disappeared from her home in an inner-city Regina neighbourhood in July 2004, is dead. They have received more than 1,700 tips, but nothing that has led them to her remains. The person who posted the map said a late grandmother had obtained the map from a late aunt who created it based on visits to a prison. Posting the map on Reddit was designed to bring more attention to the case, the person said. Muscowpetung First Nation is one of the areas police had searched years ago. In June, the reward offered for information in the case was doubled to $50,000.