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nput wanted for child welfare law

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Social Services Minister
June Draude is soliciting feedback from First Nations and Metis organizations
and citizens, providers and other child welfare stakeholders and the general
public as a new round of consultation on the province's child welfare laws
takes place from April 28 to June 30. The move is part of the province's Child
Welfare Transformation Strategy. Leanne Priel, Advocate for Children and Youth
program manager for advocacy and public education, told the Regina Leader Post
that the advocate’s office is encouraged by the further public input. “We've
pushed over the past year for greater involvement and engagement between the
Ministry of Social Services and First Nations and Metis stakeholders in the
review process.” Some 80 per cent of the children in care in Saskatchewan are
Aboriginal. “I believe that part of the openness and dialogue will determine
how we can move together,” Draude said of the work with First Nations and Metis