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Muskowekwan First Nation voters support potash development

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Eligible voters of the
Muskowekwan First Nation voted
overwhelmingly in favour on six separate ballot
questions to allow the construction and operation of a solution-based potash
mine on First Nation’s lands that are reserve and pre-reserve. “The proposed
development of a potash mine on First Nation lands is precedent setting as no
other First Nation in Canada has ever undertaken such an endeavour.  The council believes the development of
a proposed potash mine represents a game changer for the members,” said Chief
Reginald Bellerose, in a news release. The percentage of those in favour on the
six ballots ranged from 77 per cent to 79 per cent.  The voting was conducted on April 15 at the Muskowekwan
First Nation and in the days preceding by voting in advance at scheduled
information sessions and via a mail-in ballot. The solution mine will produce
about 2.8 million tonnes of potash per year for at least 50 years. The joint
venture partnership is unique because the Muskowekwan is a co-proponent and
will benefit in a variety of ways, including increased employment, contracting,
training, and business opportunities. As the owner of the mineral rights,
Muskowekwan will earn royalty revenue annually for the minimum 50-year
operational life of the project. At current potash prices, this royalty revenue
would be about $80 million per year.