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FSIN calls for consultations on proposed water diversion project

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Compiled by Shari Narine







The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations is calling on the Water Security Agency to put on hold the proposed development of the Kutwawagan Creek water diversion project. FSIN wants a full study of any potential impacts to First Nations communities completed and the province to undertake proper consultation and accommodation. There are 16 First Nations within the region of the Quill Lakes, Last Mountain Lake and Lower Qu’Appelle Valley, whose treaty and inherent hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering rights could be directly impacted by the project. “The Saskatchewan government should not proceed without having the proper information and a plan to mitigate any impacts this project would have on the rights of these First Nations,” said FSIN Vice-Chief Bobby Cameron. The proposed Kutawagan Creek diversion project includes construction of a berm isolating Big Quill Lake from the area to the southwest. The project also proposes to construct a channel and outlet structure by the natural spill point. The project is designed to divert water from entering Big Quill by isolating the Kutawagan Creek region from Big Quill Lake and providing an outlet towards Last Mountain Lake. Water flowing south from the project would be from the Kutawagan Creek area, which has lower salinity than that of Big Quill Lake. The FSIN will be requesting a meeting between the WSA and the affected First Nations to discuss the issues.