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FNUniv campus to relocate

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The First Nations University of Canada’s Saskatoon Campus will be relocated to on-reserve space at English River First Nation facilities by July 2014 and an enrollment freeze will be put in place this year for the Saskatoon campus. “We are committed to having operations in Saskatoon and we recognize the historic and contemporary importance of the Saskatoon Campus… Our offerings will respond to local student demand in ways that will maximize FNUniv’s competitive advantage,” said FNUniv Board Chair David Sharpe in a news release. The Saskatoon campus posted a deficit of $740,000 and even with proposed changes a deficit of $140,000 this year is expected. The Saskatoon campus has been in existence since 1976. Other campuses are in Regina and Prince Albert. The University of Saskatchewan’s Office of First Nation and Métis Engagement and the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre are also located at English River First Nation.