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Continued dissension results in more problems with MNS

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Compiled by Shari Narine







The Metis Nation-Saskatchewan abided by a judge’s order to meet before the end of January, but couldn’t fulfill directions that a date be set for the next legislative assembly. The MNS met Jan.16 and Jan. 17, the first time in almost two years, but factional fighting continued and no consensus was reached as to when and where to hold the next legislative assembly. If the MNLA doesn’t meet by the end of March, $800,000 in registry money and another $150,000 in basic operations for this fiscal year could be lost. MNS President Roger Doucette said the delay is forcing him to go back to court to ask for an order to hold the MNLA in the next two months. “This is the last resort. If this doesn’t work the doors of the MNS are going to shut. It’s the bottom line,” he said. The last Métis legislative assembly was held five years ago. The organization’s constitution states two are to be held each year. The federal government froze funds to the organization over the issue in October 2014.