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Wild salmon at risk

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Compiled by Debora Steel







The First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance wants progress on the implementation of the Cohen Commission recommend-ations. It has asked the newly-appointed Fisheries and Oceans Minister Hunter Tootoo for a meeting to discuss “the minimal returns of this year’s wild salmon runs in BC” and “risks to wild salmon habitat.”

An open letter sent to the minister states the Alliance “is extremely disappointed and frustrated by the state of BC’s wild salmon stocks and the inaction of federal and provincial authorities to enact the recommendations and Calls-to-Action of the Cohen Commission of Inquiry into the Decline of Sockeye Salmon in the Fraser River.” The letter states industrial effluents entering critical salmon habitat with the approvals of government, and fish farm expansion will have “negative consequences” on wild salmon.

“A moratorium on the expansion of all finfish aquaculture ventures along the BC coast needs to be implemented until further evidence is gathered on the negative impacts these installations have on our wild salmon,” reads the release. “This year’s runs have made it abundantly clear that our wild salmon stocks are in grave danger, and require immediate action to preserve their habitat.”