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At a meeting of the First Nations Major Projects Coalition

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At a meeting of the First Nations Major Projects Coalition held in Terrace on Feb. 4 and Feb. 5., representatives from 27 First Nations discussed the possibility of a First Nations-led environmental assessment process for major industrial projects, reads a press statement Feb. 8 from the group’s Coalition and Steering Committee.

The group says it is made up of nations who have agreed to work together to develop common approaches to strengthen capacity of communities impacted by major project development. No list of the nations involved with the group was included with the release.

The First Nations-led environmental assessment process would be modeled on the environmental review conducted by the Squamish First Nation concerning a proposed LNG terminal.

Squamish Nation issued a legally-binding environmental certificate to the proponent with attached conditions, reads the press statement. These conditions included economic consideration for the use of land under First Nations title.

First Nations participating in the coalition’s process retain their individual decision-making authority. The next meeting of the coalition is scheduled for March 30 and March 31 in Prince George.