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Kinder Morgan may have a change of heart on the route of its pipeline

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 if Burnaby City Council delays survey work on Burnaby Mountain. The city is seeking an injunction to stop the survey work in the conservation area. The company wants the National Energy Board to force the city to allow the work. “This work is planned and necessary in order to meet the deadlines from the National Energy Board,” said Kinder Morgan spokesperson Ali Hounsell. “We have to have the information from the studies, to find out if this route is feasible by Dec. 1. If they continue to delay the work, we’ll have to consider whether we abandon the option of going through Burnaby Mountain, which, as you know, we believe is a less disruptive route.” Kinder Morgan will drill through Burnaby Mountain to connect a tank farm with the Westridge Marine Terminal. The plan was not in the company’s original application to the NEB, so the company was given the deadline to complete an assessment of the proposal. When Kinder Morgan cut trees in the city-owned conservation area, Burnaby issued a stop-work order. The city ticketed the company for damaging a city park. The city also asked the B.C. Supreme Court for an injunction to deal with the question of jurisdiction: Does the federal government or the city control the mountain?