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Hupacasath First Nation is shocked and disappointed with federal government

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Compiled by Debora Steel







Hupacasath First Nation is shocked and disappointed that the federal government has ratified the foreign investment treaty with China, considering the matter is still before a Canadian court to decide if government should have consulted on the controversial 31-year agreement with the nation first. The Canada-China FIPA will come into effect on Oct. 1. “The Canada-China FIPA will help ensure that Canadian companies doing business in China are treated fairly and benefit from a more predictable and transparent business environment,” said Ed Fast, minister of international trade. “But the move caught the tiny Vancouver Island Nation off guard, as they were expecting a decision from the courts in late September or early October. “I’m shocked that the government would do this. We weren’t expecting this at all,” said Brenda Sayers, representing Hupacasath. “Stephen Harper took it upon himself to make this decision instead of leaving it for the court to decide. This decision is an injustice and shows no respect for the judicial process.”