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First Nations Panorama Implementation Project team wins national eHealth award

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Compiled by Debora Steel







The First Nations Panorama Implementation Project team in BC has won a national eHealth award for ground-breaking work creating new pathways to technology and access to better health services for First Nations in the province. The Innovation in Adoption of Health Informatics award was given to the Panorama team at the 2014 COACH eHealth Conference Informatics Awards Gala. BC First Nations Health Service Organizations involved in Panorama are the first in Canada to access First Nations-specific reporting software, and provincially-aligned data networks that offer significant time-savings for health staff, eliminating barriers to care.

Prior to the Panorama implementation, patients faced treatment delays while clinicians waited for test results and data to arrive. Health care providers using Panorama now have access and use of the right client information when they need it, creating a far more effective circle-of-care model.

“Panorama will allow health professionals in BC and across the country to better detect early signs of outbreaks by enabling sharing vital information between different public health-related services providers,” said Dr. Perry Kendall, BC Provincial Health Officer.

“The First Nations Health Authority is doing great work moving forward with bridging the gaps in service delivery so that all public health professionals – regardless of who they serve – get access to the same information at the same time.”