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The Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

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The Canadian Council for  Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and Sodexo Canada announced that Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation is the winner of the CCAB Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) Award for 2015. Penticton Indian Band Reserve is the largest reserve in the British Columbia. The Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation (PIBDC) is a for-profit corporation owned by the Penticton Indian Band and is the principal economic development, marketing and promotional organization for the band. PIBDC is the business investment vehicle pursuing business joint ventures and investment opportunities on behalf of Penticton Indian Band community and stakeholders that meet the established investment criteria developed by PIBDC.

“Congratulations to the Penticton Indian Band Development Corporation for demonstrating the vision and courage in the world of business essential for business success,” said CCAB President and CEO JP Gladu. “The Aboriginal Economic Development Corporation of the Year Award proudly gives all Canadians an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal business success and its role in creating business certainty and sustainable prosperity.”