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Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers cancelled meetings with the Terrace City Council

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The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers cancelled meetings with the Terrace City Council and the Terrace Chamber of Commerce, because the representatives the company had sent for the meetings wouldn’t be able to answer questions from people who had planned protests. “We have been focused most recently on LNG and the natural gas value chain. That’s what we were prepared to speak to today,” said Geoff Morrison, the BC Manager for CAPP. “And we understand that we probably should have come with a wider scale of skill sets available to answer the wider questions people may be having.” Northwest Watch co-chair Anne Hill said she was disappointed by the choice to back out of the meetings and avoid the protesters. “They’re claiming they want to speak to the public, but, in fact, they only want to talk to certain people, a certain select group. They don’t want to hear any opposition,” said Hill.