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BC Liberal government cuts summer ferry run between Port Hardy and Bella Coola

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Compiled by Debora Steel







The Liberal government has cut a summer ferry run between Port Hardy on Vancouver Island and Bella Coola on the Central Coast
and has sunk the communities’ hopes of attracting tourists to the territories. The Aboriginal Tourism Association of B.C. has invested $1.5 million over two years in the coastal area, but has been forced to rethink its tourism campaign. The government says the run continually loses money. Transportation Minister Todd Stone said B.C. taxpayers can’t keep bailing out the Ferries service. Keith Henry of BC Aboriginal Tourism said the elimination of Route 40 effects the Central Coast’s circle tour travel package. “Organizations like ours, we’re doing a lot to try and bring more people through,” Henry said. “That’s critical to our success. But if we can’t get visitors there efficiently, that’s unfortunate.”