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Train derailment oil spill cause for concern

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy says Canada’s way of getting oil to market is in direct conflict with Indigenous rights and public safety. The statement comes after a second oil spill on Mattagami First Nation territory, the third CN derailment in northern Ontario in less than a month, and the second near the First Nation community within three weeks. While calls for cooperation between Mattagami First Nation, Canadian National Railway and the federal and provincial governments seem to be focused on the investigation, mitigation and monitoring of the spill sites, Mattagami First Nation is not confident their homelands have not suffered irreparable damage. Currently, no provisions are in place to notify or consult First Nations communities about the transportation of hazardous material like crude oil, spent fuel, and other radioactive material shipped through their traditional territories. First Nations in Ontario have expressed anger and concern about the derailments taking place in the province over the past month.