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Partnership to enhance Indigenous education for waterpower

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Compiled by Shari Narine







The Ontario Waterpower
Association and the University of Sudbury have formed a partnership
aimed at enhancing Indigenous education for waterpower industry professionals.
“The University of Sudbury’s department of Indigenous studies
promotes an understanding of Aboriginal peoples, their traditions, aspirations
and participation in communities,” said Paul Norris, president of the OWA.
“This relationship will help advance education while enhancing the
understanding of Indigenous culture for members of our association.” As an
institution situated in Northeastern Ontario, the University
of Sudbury is committed to the preservation and development of the
culture and traditions of the Indigenous peoples of the region and to the
provision of courses and programs destined to the furthering of an awareness
of, and appreciation for, Indigenous worldviews. The OWA was founded in 2001 to
represent the common and collective interests of the province's original green
energy sector.