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New water treatment plant

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Compiled by Shari Narine







Six Nations of the Grand
River opened its new water treatment plant at the end of January. The federal
government provided more than $26 million towards the construction of the $41.4
million project and Six Nations of the Grand River invested approximately
$15.4. “This project is very important for the future economic growth and
development opportunities in our community,” said Chief Ava Hill, in a news
release. The cost-shared initiative encouraged the involvement of the community
in all aspects of the project and will provide the resources for long-term
sustainability of the community and the families that live there. The new
plant's capacity much improved: the plant now has a total production capacity
of 4,050 cubic meters of water per day, which is significantly higher than the
actual production capacity of 1,036 cubic meters per day provided by the old