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First Nations call on government to clean-up contaminants

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“We need high-level action from government and industry that brought these contaminants into our territories. We need them to take responsibility for cleanup,” said Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy following a recent two-day Chiefs of Ontario Contaminant Workshop held in Timmins. “While new business in forestry, natural gas, energy and mining are being considered, the mess left behind on our homelands the first time around remain there. It is affecting not only the environment but our heath and our traditional way of life.” The workshop indicated that contaminants are a critical area that requires high-level attention between First Nations, scientific researchers, government and industry. It was the first formal meeting that focused explicitly on contaminant issues. Since 2008, First Nations in Ontario have been calling on the federal government to clean up Mid-Canada radar sites, ensure healthy environments, and provide funding to address contamination, environment, and nutrition and to develop safe guidelines for contaminants in food and water.