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[ windspeaker confidential ] Lara Mussell Savage


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Windspeaker: What one quality do you most value in a friend?

Lara Mussell: I guess honesty. I value honesty the most, because if you can't get honesty from a friend, where else are you going to get it from, you know? If you have a friend who's fake, then they're not really a friend. I guess honesty, I would value the most.

W: What is it that really makes you mad?

L.M.: Disrespect, I think. I just think the world lacks a lot of respect.

W: When are you at your happiest?

L.M.: Probably when I'm on the field, playing. Playing sports.

W: What one word best describes you when you are at your worst?

L.M.: Sad.

W: What one person do you most admire and why?

L.M.: I think I admire my mom. She's just incredibly driven and she's taught me more than anyone else has taught me anything in my life.

W: What is the most difficult thing you've ever had to do?

L.M.: Jump out of an airplane. Just once. Hopefully never again.

W: What is your greatest accomplishment?

L.M.: I think captaining my world championship team and winning the gold medal.

W: What one goal remains out of reach?

L.M.: I haven't had a family yet. Having a family is still out of reach right now.

W: If you couldn't do what you're doing today, what would you be doing?

L.M.: I'd be playing golf on the LPGA tour.

W: What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

L.M.: The first thing that came to mind, which is probably one that I turn to many times, is advice from my mom, which is when you're sort of feeling overwhelmed and you're tackling so many things is to just sort of look at each part of your life like items on a shelf. And you're putting those items back onto the shelf one item at a time.

W: Did you take it?

L.M.: Oh, yah. I've used it many times over.

W: How do you hope to be remembered?

L.M.: I'd hope to be remembered as somebody who just made an effort. Made an effort at the endeavors I've taken on. That I've put care into things that I did.