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Red Cross helps out in emergencies

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Compiled by Shari Narine







The Canadian Red Cross responded to two calls for help on First Nations last month providing 72-hours of assistance in both cases. On April 20, the Canadian Red Cross Personal Disaster Assistance Team responded to a fire which took place on the Louis Bull reserve, providing groceries for six people, clothing for four adults and three children, diapers and formula for two infants. Accommodation was provided by the band for the first two nights. The Red Cross also provided teddy bears to the children, as well as blankets to all. On April 27, members of the Canadian Red Cross Personal Disaster Assistance Team assisted 16 adults and seven children affected by strong windstorms in the northern part of the Blood Reserve. The Red Cross provided emergency food and accommodation. The Canadian Red Cross provides food, shelter, clothing and additional services for 72 hours to people affected by personal disaster. The average cost of a response in which a family of four is assisted is $2,000.