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Alex Dion is the next rising country music star

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By Roy Pogorzelski Sweetgrass Writer FROG LAKE FIRST NATION







His idol is George Strait, his motivation is his loving wife and his enthusiasm is his passion for music. Born in Elk Point, Alberta, and raised in Frog Lake First Nation, Alex Dion has been dabbling in music from the age of 10.

In his younger days, Dion played in the rock band Clone and at 21 years old, planned to sign as a member. But things didn’t go as planned.

Dion was about to give up on his dream when he met his wife, Flower, who hails from Hobbema, and decided to sing to her.

“She was impressed with my voice, my talent and urged me to continue following my dream, so this was one of the main reasons to get involved with music once again,” said Dion.

This time he decided to start writing, producing and singing in the country music genre. The next step for Dion and Flower (who assists him in his career) was to get signed by a label.  Angel Records and co-president Heather Rumbolt were invited to sample Dion’s music at a recording studio. Rumbolt immediately thought that “he had unlimited potential, talent and was going to be at the top of the charts.”

After performing live for Angel Records, Dion was offered a deal. 

Dion’s first professional gig came this past March when Angel Records Canada Inc. hosted a benefit concert for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Alberta at the Memorial Center in Red Deer. 

“I got great feedback from the crowd and positive advice from other performers about how to get even better with my vocals,” said Dion.

 The large audience was impressed with Dion’s lyrics and content of the songs he performs, mixed with an important opportunity to gain exposure and experience.
Currently, Dion is working hard on completing his first album, which will include 10 all original songs.  One of those songs will be “The Other Side,” a very emotional song for Dion with a deep personal meaning. The tentative release date of the album is July and at the current moment a title of the CD is being discussed.
Another important aspect of Dion’s career is his strong working relationship with Angel Records.

“Heather has provided great promotion, ambition and willingness to assist me in my career, which has lead to a strong working relationship,” said Dion. 

“It has been an honour to work with Alex, who is very gifted.  We are happy to be a part of his career in music and in the prospects of achieving success in the future for Alex,” said Rumbolt.

Dion realizes his current success has made him a role model in his community of Frog Lake, to the youth who are in the process of figuring out their paths. 

Dion said he knows that young people in Aboriginal communities can find themselves in a rut, but they need to realize their potential, set their mind to their passion and go for it.  In fact, Dion has witnessed more Aboriginal youth getting involved with music.  These youth need positive role models and success stories to stay motivated and energized about their talents.

Dion’s modest attitude has led his community to believe in him and the youth to look up to him. 

“I would rather be hated for who I am, then to be loved for whom I am not,” said Dion.