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Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network (UAKN) launches new web site


Compiled by Shari Narine








The Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network has launched its new Web site, www.uakn.org. Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the National Association of Friendship Centres has been co-leading the creation of the UAKN for several years. The goal of the UAKN is to create a research infrastructure that focuses attention on urban Aboriginal peoples concerns and contributes to a better quality of life for those living in cities and towns across the country. “By funding policy-relevant research as a collaborative effort between government, academics and community agencies, we hope to provide a community perspective while engaging all stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue regarding research needs. Ultimately, we will see strong progressive policy that affects change in a positive way,” said Jeff Cyr, NAFC executive director, in a news release. The network has received $2.5 million through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Grant over a five-year period.