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United Church of Canada joins with groups asking for national inquiry


Compiled by Debora Steel







The United Church of Canada is joining the Native Women’s Association of Canada and the Assembly of First Nations in calling for the Canadian government to convene a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in Canada. And they want it as soon as possible. In a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Nora Sanders, General Secretary of the General Council wrote, “Clearly our justice and social systems are not offering adequate protection against violence for Indigenous women in this country. We take very seriously the deadly violence to which these women and girls have been subjected, and believe that Indigenous women and girls deserve to be safe, as do all Canadians. This tragedy must be addressed as a step towards returning to healthy and thriving Aboriginal families, communities and nations in Canada.” The church is encouraging its membership to sign the NWAC petition for a national inquiry, and to write to their municipal, provincial, and federal representatives, with a copy to the Prime Minister. The United Church is also supporting the NWAC and AFN assertion that Aboriginal women must have a leading role in the design, decision-making, process, and implementation of this inquiry.