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Truth and Reconciliation Commission final event and closing ceremonies


Photos by Shari Narine







After six long, hard years of heading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Justice Murray Sinclair is tired. But he is also hopeful.

Sinclair expects the message repeated by the TRC – that reconciliation is a Canadian issue and not an Aboriginal issue – will be underscored by
the numbers and make-up of the crowd that marches in Ottawa on May 31 when the TRC kicks off its closing ceremonies.

TRC Chair
Justice Murray Sinclair and Commissioners Marie Wilson and Wilton Littlechild added the stories of survivors to the Bentwood Box.
Everything collected in the box will be included at the National Centre for
Truth and Reconciliation in Winnipeg.

The National Centre for
Truth and Reconciliation in Winnipeg remains the only recommendation out of the 94 Recommendations that were made, to be committed to by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government.

The final report - all 6 volumes - from the TRC is due in the fall of 2015 - after the scheduled federal election to be held in October.

Windspeaker reporter and photographer Shari Narine was on hand in Ottawa to help record and report on the emotional and transformative events. We share some of her amazing photos with you here.

Photo Gallery:
May 31 - Walk for Reconciliation

Photo Gallery:
June 1 - TRC Events and Honourary Witnesses

Photo Gallery: 
June 2 - TRC announces recommendations

Photo Gallery:
June 3 - Closing Ceremonies and Heart Gardens

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