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Senator Patrick Brazeau kicked out of Conservative caucus


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Friday, March 22, 2013

Senator Patrick Brazeau, through his lawyer, entered a plea of not guilty on the charges he is facing as a result of alleged incidents that occurred on Feb. 7, 2013.

Brazeau remains suspended (with pay) from the Senate until the conclusion of court proceedings on the charges.

In a statement to the media, Brazeau's lawyer stated that Patrick Brazeau looks forward to clearing his name and putting this behind him and then returning to the Senate to represent the people of Canada.

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Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

Senator Patrick Brazeau, to everyone's surprise, appeared today and entered the Senate. It was expected that a motion would be introduced today to suspend Senator Brazeau and force him to take a leave of absence. This motion would prevent Brazeau from sitting in the Senate or performing any work for the Senate until the charges he is facing (see below) are resolved.

There is some debate now if the Senate can pass it's motion to  suspend Brazeau while he is present in the house. If Brazeau objects to the motion it would prevent the unanimous vote required to pass the motion.

The motion was passed with only one "no" vote - believed to have been from Patrick Brazeau himself.

While this suspension will impact Senator Brazeau's perks and expenses and limit his access to his Senate office - it will not effect his $132,000 salary.


Friday Feb 8, 2013

Senator Patrick Brazeau has now appeared before the court in Gatineau and has been formally charged with assault and sexual assault. He has been released by the court with conditions that include not having any contact with the alleged victim.

The Senate is moving to suspend Senator Brazeau from sitting in the Senate so long as he is facing these charges. Senator Brazeau will still collect his salary and still be able to access his office - just not do any work on behalf of the Senate.

Senator Patrick Brazeau's Parliamentary web page has been altered to reflect his removal from the Conservative caucus - he is now listed as "independent".

Windspeaker has learned that while there are strict rules regarding the removal of a sitting Senator by the Prime Minister and/or Parliament - the rules for a Senator's removal are much less restrictive by the Senate itself.

The Senate can pass a motion to designate a Senator a non-Senator - the motion then only requires a majority vote by the Senate to pass.

In the past, when this motion has been proposed, Senators have elected to step down from office rather than face the humiliation of being voted out.

Thursday Feb. 7, 2013

Gatineau police release a statement that an arrest was made at 9:10 am of a man involved in a domestic dispute. Police responded to a phone call complaining of domestic violence. Police will not release the names of the suspect or the victim.

No charges have been laid as the investigation is on-going. There may be more developments as police search through the residence and consider recommendations for charges.

The address provided by police has been confirmed as Senator Patrick Brazeau's town-home.

@HannahThibedeau reports that Senator Brazeau will remain in custody by Gatineau police until he can appear before the court to face charges. There is no word on the name or condition of the alleged victim.

According to CTV's @RobertFife: Sources say Senator Brazeau to be charged with sexual assault and domestic violence. Police at the Senator's residence gathering evidence.

Reports are also coming in that Senator Brazeau is in Gatineau police custody regarding an overnight domestic dispute.

@JorgeBarrera with @APTNNews is outside the home of Senator Brazeau, says crime scene tape being strung by police around the residence.

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has been kicked out of the Conservative Party caucus. He will sit as an independent in the Senate.

No reason was given by the Conservative Party for Senator Brazeau's removal from caucus

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