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Powwow Country: University of Manitoba, Winnipeg


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University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

The University of Manitoba now has more of an Aboriginal feel thanks to three new sculptures representing the Metis, First Nations and Inuit communities, which are prevalent at the Winnipeg school. An event celebrating the sculptures, crafted by prominent Aboriginal artists, was held in early April. “This is really the first culturally symbolic representation we have here,” said Kali Storm, the director of the school’s Aboriginal Student Centre. “It’s Indigenizing the campus.”
Storm added that the beautifully-crafted pieces are frequently photographed by students as well as visitors. “We have a strong and vibrant Aboriginal community here on campus and the energy of these statues welcome all who want to learn, teach and share here,” Storm added. Wayne Stranger, a Cree/Ojibwe graduate of the university’s Fine Arts program, created The Buffalo, which reflects the nature of learning. Metis artist Miguel Joyal’s work is a sculpture of Louis Riel. The piece created by Abraham Anghik Ruben, who is Inuit, reflects Inuit life and includes a shaman holding a boy, flanked by a bear and a raven.


Photo Caption: The statues are symbolic of the Métis, First Nations and Inuit communities and  add to the beauty and spirit of the building that is known as Migizii Agamik (Bald Eagle Lodge). 

Photo: University of Manitoba