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Powwow Country: Safaris in Nunavut


Compiled by Shari Narine







Safaris in Nunavut

From June until November, safaris are popular in Nunavut. But they aren’t for those who are used to being pampered. To take in the migration of narwhals, the rarely seen bowhead whale, the splendour of polar bears, the sunbathing walruses, and herds of caribou and muskoxen, and to see them all in their natural environment, travel off the beaten track is necessary. From transportation by snowmobile to kayaking to hiking to mountain biking to zodiacs to helicopter fly-ins, these trips are for those who like to be active. But what can beat seeing the gathering of walruses, seals, polar bears, narwhals, belugas and bowhead whales along the ice floes from April to July? And not only that, what about the icebergs?  The entire northeastern coastline of Baffin Island, from Qikiqtarjuaq to Pond Inlet is ranked one of the world’s greatest iceberg vistas.  Group trips and private trips are available from any number of local outfitters, many of whom are Innu. Eating can be an experience as well from the local fare of Arctic char to caribou. Trips can be made to and around Victoria Island, Rankin Inlet, the Torngat Mountains, Cambridge Bay. Nunavut is home to national parks, regional parks, and bird and wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife can be interacted with – from afar or close-up – in a variety of ways.

For more information check out: www.nunavuttourism.com/