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Powwow Country: Moncur Gallery – Peoples of the Plains - Boissevain, Manitoba


Compiled by Shari Narine







Moncur Gallery – Peoples of the Plains

More than 1,000 artifacts, dating back to when people first lived near the Turtle Mountains, continue to be on display in a small Manitoba community. The Moncur Gallery - Peoples of the Plains, which opened in 1986, is located inside the Civic Centre in Boissevain. It was established after William Moncur, an avid archeologist, donated his collection of artifacts. Some of the artifacts are 11,000 years old. The majority of the items on display date back to when the Dakota Sioux first lived in the area. But some of the artifacts are from the Besant, Sonota and Avonlea who also lived there. The artifacts, which include food preparation utensils, ceremonial items, projectile points, hammers and scrapers, enable visitors to get a glimpse of how people lived and supported themselves. Nomadic hunters had first come to this part of southwestern Manitoba searching for game, hunting bison to support their families and themselves. The gallery has other displays as well including original paintings and models of archaeological work. There’s also a video featuring Moncur and an illustrated time line, which allows all visitors to learn about the historical significance of items. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday during the summer. Visitors though are welcome throughout the year. Those looking to visit at some point other than the summer must make an appointment first by calling (204) 534-2433 or (204) 534-6478.

For more information, check out www.moncurgallery.org