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Powwow Country: Folklorama, Winnipeg, July 31-Aug. 13


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Folklorama, Winnipeg, July 31-Aug. 13

The Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council will once again be involved in what is believed to be one of the world’s largest ethnic festivals.Last year marked the first time the DOTC operated a pavilion at Folklorama, an event which has been held annually in Winnipeg since 1970.
The 2010 festival attracted almost 450,000 pavilion visitors.

This year’s event, which will feature 46 pavilions, begins July 31 and continues until Aug. 13. All of the pavilions, however, operate for just one week during the festival.
The DOTC will run its pavilion from Aug. 7-13 at Riddell Hall, located at the University of Winnipeg.

As was the case last year, the DOTC pavilion will provide an opportunity to showcase and promote First Nations people, which will include music, food and art. DOTC officials are also keen to include educational and awareness components throughout the pavilion. To this end, visitors can expect explanations of First Nation regalia, dances and history.

More festival information is available at www.folklorama.ca