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Powwow Country: Cruise the St. Lawrence Quebec


Compiled by Shari Narine







Cruise the St. Lawrence

There are numerous cruise ships that offer a variety of packages that allow you to get what you want out of your cruise. Stopovers can include the cities of Montreal and Quebec or the smaller cultural sites of Sept-Iles, Havre-Saint-Pierre, or Gaspesie. All stopovers offer an opportunity to take in Aboriginal life, as well as nature. At Sept-Iles, there is the Musee Shaputuan which offers a look at traditional culture as well as song and dance, and the Old Trading Post, which has a variety of interpretive programs. At Sept-Iles you can also take a train ride from the port along the Moisie River. The Havre-Saint-Pierre port of call is access to a chain of islands that includes the Mingan Archipelago with its mysteriously shaped and unique monoliths. You can also visit the Innu communities of Ekuanitshit and Nutakuan. The Gaspesie, which comprises the ports of Gaspe, Perce and Chandler, is an opportunity to cruise along jagged cliffs and outcroppings and at Gaspe to whale-watch. There is also access to Forillon National Park and Bonaventure Island and Perce Rock National Park. There are interpretation centres to visit, the Gespeg Micmic interpretation site and the Parc Du Bourg.

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