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Powwow Country: Bodo Archaeological Centre, near Provost, June 27-July 3


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Bodo Archaeological Centre, near Provost,
June 27-July 3

For one exciting week this summer, the Bodo Archaeological Society and Buffalo Adventures have partnered to host the first annual Archaeology Week. Located near Provost in south central Alberta, the site is the home of a former buffalo kill site where thousands of years of hunting by the First Nations took place. Guest lectures and workshops will be featured from June 27 to July 3 and a reunion of all those who have been involved since the first buffalo skull was discovered in the mid-1990s during the construction of a Norcen pipeline will also be featured. Participants are welcome to join in on-going excavations at the site, immersing themselves in Aboriginal culture and learning more about the history of the early inhabitants. A family lifeways camp will give visitors the opportunity to live the life of the early people, before European contact, including hide tanning, story telling, bow and arrow skills, and more. The site is open from May to August with guided tours and many programs available from Buffalo Adventures at the Bodo Archaeological Centre. Summer kids camps are planned for ages five to 15. Hands-on activities will teach all visitors the history about the buffalo kill process and about archaeology’s ability to tell the story that’s hidden beneath the earth of how the early peoples lived.

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Photo Caption: Visitors looking at the bison bone reference collection in the lab at the Bodo Archaeological Centre.

Photo Credit: Buffalo Adventures