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Powwow Country: Allan Sapp Gallery - North Battleford, Saskatchewan


Compiled by Shari Narine







Allan Sapp Gallery
North Battleford

This summer, be sure to take in the great collection of the renowned Cree painter from Red Pheasant First Nation at the Allan Sapp Gallery located in North Battleford. The Allan Sapp Gallery was established to serve the citizens of North Battleford and the province by exhibiting, collecting, preserving and interpreting the original works of Allan Sapp, and in so doing maintaining the artistic and cultural heritage within Saskatchewan.The focus of the gallery is to display the original paintings and life of Allan Sapp.  The gallery is home to the Gonor Collection, which is a permanent collection of art by Sapp and other Aboriginal artists that has been collected by the Gonor family. Dr. Gonor did not just purchase the art to add to his collection, but rather he sought out the artist to establish a rapport.  He developed personal relationships with artists, corresponding with them and opening his home to them. As the gallery website mentions, “Dr. Gonor will go down in history as an important patron of Canadian Art whose real love was people – art was the way he gave expression to that love.” The gallery partners with other historic, cultural and artistic institutions to enhance their services and community presence. Summer hours for the gallery run from June to September.