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Our Pick: Leanne Goose – This Time


Review by K. Kanten







Artist—Leanne Goose
Album—This Time

In the new society of reality contest TV shows featuring singing, we are increasingly changing the view of a successful vocalist. Expectations are not just being able to sing a small group of music genres but to be considered a great vocalist, you have to be able to sing any kind of song with inspiration. Leanne Goose is one such vocalist who has proven she can sing almost any kind of song with conviction and passion. Think powerhouse vocal talent here.

On this release, Leanne leans mostly on the country music genre but her voice still demonstrates it can apply qualities that would make her a successful singer in any genre. Leanne can hit the notes, caress them delicately or heat it up to make them blister.

On Tattered you can feel her pain. Leanne totally rips it open on Rock Me and inspires you to raise a fist to pump the air and maybe yell “Oh yeah!” It’s not really fair to label this strictly an album that appeals to a country music audience as Leanne’s voice can’t be restricted to such narrow confines. There is a lot of soul in Leanne’s singing. Country music fans benefit from This Time, as Leanne embraces the down-home feeling for this album.

The title country track is followed by another country song that is a soulful tribute to a more traditional western approach, inclusive of some lap style slide guitar on Someday. Leanne has opened up her heart and life experiences on these songs, singing about what she knows. The most heartfelt song, is a tribute to her father, Louie Goose, who is an established staple of the northern territories’ musical heritage, with Dear Dad. If you aren’t familiar with Leanne Goose, then perhaps you will, This Time! You can purchase this album on Leanne’s website at www.leannegoose.com .