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Our Pick: Derek Miller with Double Trouble


Review by K. Kanten







Artist—Derek Miller with Double Trouble
Song—Stoned for Days
Album—Derek Miller with Double Trouble

If you have ever seen Derek Miller perform live you will have immediately felt an underlying danger in this cool, Mohawk guitar hero’s music.  On this CD release, Derek is firmly established in that standing as a great guitarist by being accompanied by another famous guitarist’s band, Double Trouble.  The tight rhythm section holds Derek’s wild side in order with solid musicianship forcing Derek to be more precise in his delivery than was found on his last album, Dirty Looks.  Derek Miller with Double Trouble is also another collection of finely-crafted melodies, destined to be as memorable as ever and demonstrating that Derek is more than a guitarist, but a good song writer and expressive singer.  His songs invoke a variety of emotions from the listener, whether it’s through the tender passions of Stoned For Days, the playful rebel rouser of Streets Of Hell or something more laid back such as the lament of Water Down The River. Damned If You Do is a duet with the legendary Willie Nelson, and Derek gives us what will certainly be another classic while sharing the spotlight with a musical giant.

Miller’s latest album is polished, professional and more mature than his previous release.  Every single song is radio friendly, despite some of the subject matter.  Those songs are a reminder of the vast life experiences Derek has under his belt.   Once again, Derek Miller proves he’s the real deal as much as his rock and roll country heroes ever were but perhaps with a bit more swagger and tease to offer.

Reviewed by K. Kanten