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Our Pick: Armond Duck Chief - Country Groove


Review by K. Kanten







Artist—Armond Duck Chief
Song—Country Groove
Album—Country Groove

Living a life honest to the land, working and playing in the dirt, Armond Duck Chief puts you in the mood for some good old country music to make you feel at home. Hailing from Alberta, Armond delivers one of the most enjoyable straight ahead country albums of 2011 without any of the trendy attitude many new country artists have.  Armond is just a down home, feeling good, country boy playing feel good Honky Tonk Blues, paying tribute to country music legend George Jones in song with If George Knew and passes you a little hurtin’ in Falls Hard. Ridin’ The Rodeo will encourage you to look for the nearest country dance and failing that, you could just drag the nearest partner into the middle of the room with songs like Feels Good. They used to say this kind of music was Country and Western, C&W, crybaby and worry-wort music. But Armond gives you that and a little bit more with joyous twang that’s bound to have you line dancing and forgetting what’s concerning you. Living the country life has a close relationship with rodeo life and Armond clearly has his own connections with the roughrider culture with two versions of Gold Buckle Dreams on this cd. Armond clearly comes by his country roots honestly and delivers the sound that makes you wish you were in that old Chevy pickup truck, hauling hay with your sweetie seated beside you, heading to the saloon for a cool beverage to relax after a day of working on a tractor in the hot sun. There are no failings in musicianship or production so if you aren’t ready to go out two-stepping with this album, you may just not have any country in you. I do suspect even the most hardcore city slicker will embrace Armond’s Country Groove.

Web: armondduckchief.com