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Metis federation elects new leader


Rocky Woodward







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Randy Hard stepped into the leadership position as president of the Federation

of Metis Settlements with an easy victory when he was elected without opposition by acclamation.

Prior to voting taking place by council members representing the eight Metis Settlements of Alberta, only two nominations, that of Hardy's and Ernest House from Caslan were entered for the president's position.

House declined the nomination due to personal reasons which left the position open to Hardy.

Gary Parenteau, the past president of the Federation decided not to run at the elections which were held at the Beverly Crest in Edmonton, June 27- 29.

Elmer Ghostkeeper, who everyone thought would run, stayed out of the elections and stated that his intentions were never to run for any position with the Federation because of his involvements with other business, needing his direct attention.

Windspeaker, in a previous edition had commented that Ghostkeeper was running for the president's position, "and this is not true," said Ghostkeeper.

Only one nomination for the vice president's seat, saw Lawrence Cunningham for Peavine (Big Prairie) Metis Settlement win by acclamation.

According to Parenteau, he had given the vice president's position some serious thought before deciding he would not run.

"As far as leadership, I don't think anything will be missing. Both Randy and Lawrence have been involved with Federation business for a number of years, especially

at a community level," explained Parenteau.

Randy Hardy will also resume the role as president of Settlement Sooniyaw Corporation, the way it was in the past, prior to the resignation of Joe Courtepatte as president in 1985.

Walter Anderson handed in his resignation as treasurer for the Federation during elections, however, it was not accepted by board members with the result that he remain as treasurer until his term runs out in 1987.

Anderson, originally from the Metis Settlement of Fishing Lake, also acted as president of Sooniyaw Corporation up to the elections and Hardy's takeover.

"I am glad that he is staying. Walter will provide stability," commented Parenteau.

Randy Hardy, in the past, has been known as a fighter regarding the Metis on the Settlements.

"He sometimes plays rough but he is the type of person that can handle pressures when it comes to negotiations," said Parenteau.

Hardy was part of the "Task Force" set up for the Settlements to look into matters that concerned the Metis in the communities, and to help strengthen their position when dealing with the provincial government.

Hardy has been a member of working groups and when elected as president, he was chairman for the Kikino Settlement Council. For a short period, Hardy held the title of Administrator Co-ordinator for Kikino.

"I think Randy will do very good as president and Lawrence as vice-president. Lawrence was involved before me in 1980. He was vice-president at the time," said Anderson.

On the last day of the Federations All Council meeting, elections for a secretary were held with three nominations entered.

Paddle Prairie resident Richard Poitras, won his nomination after ballots were counted for secretary over Alvina Cardinal (Fishing Lake) and August Collins from Elizabeth Settlement.

"Our meetings are becoming more productive. Hopefully, the branches on the

tree will be more fruitful for the things we are struggling for," said Poitras.

The three day concerned ended with council members deciding on the third weekend of June, 1987, for their next All Council meeting. A proper date will be set

for the meeting in the near future.

Before elections were held most of the Metis Settlement signed and agreed

upon a position paper regarding Settlement rights that will be taken to the provincial government.