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Letter: Firm opposition by some, but not the majority view


Letter to the Editor







Dear Editor:
Enbridge has been consulting with Aboriginal communities for several years, and will continue to do so in order to understand Aboriginal interests so that we can avoid or minimize potential impacts. We’ll continue listening and working through the issues.

While it’s true that some First Nations are expressing firm opposition, it would be incorrect to portray that as a unanimous or majority view. In recent months Enbridge has entered into more than a dozen commercial agreements with Aboriginal groups related to the construction of Northern Gateway. We continue to be in active negotiation with dozens more.

Not everyone will support Northern Gateway – we understand that – but Enbridge believes the Joint Review Panel process will enable everyone to have their questions answered and concerns addressed. It is our belief that people’s concerns will decrease dramatically as they learn more about what we’re proposing and our commitment to safeguard the environment.

On May 27, 2010, Northern Gateway Pipelines submitted its application to the National Energy Board in respect of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. A Joint Review Panel (JRP) was established by the Minister of the Environment and the NEB to consider the environmental impact of the Project and decide if it is in the public interest. The Panel has now issued that Hearing Order (OH-4-2011) outlining the procedures to be followed, and has decided that it will hold hearings starting on Jan. 10, 2012.

Participation details and associated deadlines can be found on the Joint Review Panel’s Web site at www.gatewaypanel.review.gc.ca.

Paul Stanway, spokesman, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines.