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The Globe and mail has been musing about the upcoming AFN election...


Windspeaker Staff







The Globe and mail has been musing about the competition Shawn A-in-chut Atleo might face in the upcoming election contest being held by the Assembly of First Nations in July in Toronto. Atleo announced May 24 that he will be seeking re-election to the top post, but the paper concludes the national chief may not face any contenders. But that may not be the case. Popular blogger and scholar Pam Palmater, who has no previous political experience, said she’ll throw her hat into the ring if nobody else will, calling Atleo’s agenda “by far one of most dangerous one ever proposed by a national chief.” She said in a facebook update “I cannot believe that there is no one running against Atleo to challenge his assimilation platform. Our grassroots people need a real voice about what matters: land, people and culture. Someone needs to step up or I will run so government knows we the grassroots will not let assimilation go unchallenged.” Reaction to her comments was swift and encouraging. In her blog Indigenous Nationhood she wrote Atleo is following “Harper down his assimilation path instead of participating in concrete social action or stand in defense of our peoples and communities.” Palmater has until June 12 to decide if she will run for election on July 18 and go toe to toe against the national chief and a powerful voting block of BC chiefs with almost 200 votes that are sure to be Atleo’s base.