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First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act (FNCFNEA) - Bill C-33

A collection of materials on the proposed Bill-C33 - The First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act (FNCFNEA). Postings are from a variety of sources including our
staff and other media.

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#IdleNoMore Campaign

A collection of articles, commentary and events listings showcasing the #IdleNoMore #INM #IdleKnowMore campaign and its efforts to change government legislation, policy and relationship with Canada's Indigenous people.

Nishiyuu at parliament Hill on March 25

Journey of the Nishiyuu swells to hundreds after 1,600 km trek

By David P. Ball - Windspeaker - March 25

From stinging minus-55C temperatures in the far-northern Cree wilderness beyond the reach of roads, to the melting woodland snows of temperate Algonquin territory, a remarkable youth journey has made its way by foot and snowshoe this past two months, 1,600 km from James Bay in Québec to Parliament Hill.

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